A seminar was held at the Department "organization of transport, traffic and operation of transport"

On February twenty-fifth, 2020, a scientific seminar was held at the Department "organization of transport, traffic, and operation of transport". Speaker-first-year master's student B. A. Musin (scientific supervisor T. N. Bekenov, Professor, doctor of technical Sciences). Students and undergraduates were present.


In his report, master's student Musin B. A., on the topic of master's work with slides on the example of an active multi-link suspension developed by the company "Continental". It is assumed that the new product (in a couple of years, it is promised to be put on production cars) will cooperate with the stabilization system and active steering. It is difficult to imagine what else will be automated in the car. Usually, when evaluating the suspension of a car, attention is paid to its consumer properties such as comfort, handling, and stability (for some, the first is more important, for someone the second). During development, the car passes a huge number of calculations, tests, and tests.


In his speech, scientific supervisor Professor Bekenov T. N., the relevance of the issue and the importance of active suspension, many drivers who prefer an active driving style understand that the suspension of a standard car, middle class, can not realize all their ambitions. In each particular case, their own. Of course, it all works, it's hard to argue with this.



Baubek A. A. and Professor Arpabekov M. I., who in their speeches, noted the advantages of this work, its scientific novelty, and practical significance. Asked questions: doctor of technical Sciences Bobeev A. B., master of Debt M. V.


The workshop was held in a constructive and creative environment. At the end of the scientific seminar B. A. Musin's scientific report on the topic: "Improvement of the active suspension control system of a passenger rear-wheel-drive car" was considered satisfactory and recommendations were made to take into account the valuable comments and suggestions of the speakers in the future of the master's thesis.