At the department "Organization of transportation, movement and operation of transport" a seminar was held with the participation of employees from the Tashkent Institute of Railway Engineers

In the framework of the memorandum of understanding between the Eurasian National University. L.N. Gumileva (ENU) by the Tashkent Institute of Railway Engineers (TashIIT) on February 7, 2020, employees of TashIIT - Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Economics N.U. Babakhanova, associate professor of the department "Management of railway operation" Sh.M. Suyunbaev and assistant of the department "Informatics and computer graphics" F.I. Mamurova conducted a master class at the department "Organization of transportation, traffic and the operation of transport" at ENU on the following topics:

1. Babakhanova N.U. - Features of the formation of financial results of railways.

2. Suyunbaev Sh.M. - The choice of economically feasible options for the organization of freight traffic in rail transport.

3. Mamurova F.I. - Application of the theory of descriptive geometry and engineering graphics to visualize the problems of railways.


                    The seminar was held under the guidance of the dean of the Faculty of Transport and Energy, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor T. B. Suleimenov. The seminar was attended by the vice-rector of ENU Merzadinova G.T., Ph.D., associate professor, deputy dean for scientific work T. Sultanov, as well as the teaching staff of the departments “Organization of traffic transportation and operation of transport” and “Transport, transport engineering and technology "ENU.

 The seminar was held at a high educational, methodological and scientific levels. Reports N.U. Babakhanova and Sh.M. Suyunbaeva reflect a promising direction in the organization of rail transportation with the principles of "just in time." Report F.I. Mamurova defines the targeted training of engineering specialists involved in the design of railways.

Employees from TashIIT express their gratitude to the management of ENU and the head of the department “Organization of transportation, traffic and operation of transport” M.I. Arpabekov for organizing a high-level seminar. In turn, the ENU parties also express gratitude in conducting the seminars to the above faculty of TashIIT and hope for further cooperation in the field of education and science between universities.