International scientific and practical conference in online format on the topic: "Distance learning: new challenges of a global scale"

On September 17, 2020 year, the transport and energy faculty hosted an international scientific and practical conference in online mode on the theme: "Distance learning: new challenges on a global scale", in the form of workshops, virtual sessions, seminars, master classes using DOT".

            Moderator of the seminar of the faculty of transport and energy Aitkhozhina A.S. welcomed the participants of the seminar and introduced all the participants and guests to the program of the seminar:

            1.The organization of educational process of distance learning of technical specialties – SuleimenovTynysBulekbaevich, Dean of TEF, doctor of technical science,professor;

            2.Distance learning and quality management system - BaigazievaBahytkulUshakova - head. Department of «Standardization and certification», doctor of technical sciences, professor;

            3. The role of automated training systems in teaching laboratory work in the transition to distance learning -doctor of science,docentSuyunbayevShynpolatMansuralievich, АsimovaFeruzaSadriddinkizi, master's degree student (Tashkent University of railway transport);

            4. Problems of teaching laboratory work on the organization of railway transportation in the conditions of distance education - doctor of science,docentSuyunbayevShynpolatMansuralievich,masters degree candidates from (Tashkent University of railway transport) Olimov Azamat Rakhimovich,Michaela DilyaraAkramovna.

            5. Distance learning on the example of the Department of “Heat and Power engineering” - Sergey GlazyrinAleksandrovich, doctor of technical Sciences, Professor;

            6. Distance learning in the conditions digitalizations - head. Department of «Transport, transport equipment and technologies», doctor of technical Sciences, Professor.

            The seminar was held at a high level, all the speakers made informative presentations (slides).

            Distance learning will move humanity a few more steps forward, training is available to almost all segments of the population, the best teachers will be able to broadcast their lectures around the world. People no longer need to travel thousands of kilometers for the sake of knowledge.

            In our time, distance education is just beginning to develop and is being implemented only as an "additional function". But soon distance learning may become the only type of training, because the quality of knowledge is the key to a person's success.