Event for students Transport and Energy Faculty on the use of narcotic drugs, non-admission of administrative and criminal offenses


December 24, 2018 an event was held for students of the transport and energy department of the Eurasian National University named after LN Gumilyov in conjunction with the Office for Combating the Drug Business of the Department of Internal Affairs of Astana and the Astana branch of the NurOtan Party, where issues of drug use were touched upon. no admittance of administrative and criminal offenses.



The purpose of the event is to draw the attention of young people to the threat of drugs, the importance of protecting them from their use, the formation of principles for maintaining a healthy lifestyle; timely information about the harmful effects of drug use, as well as building trust with parents, types of administrative and criminal offenses



At the opening of the event, the head of the department for the fight against drug trafficking of the Department of Internal Affairs of Astana, Sergei Ilinykh, noted the importance of receiving timely information about the dangers of the first drug test, their harmful effects on the human body, and the consequences that may result for violations of administrative and criminal rules.



The students of TEF actively participated in the discussion, thanking the lecturer for the informative conversation, which took place in the form of a game. At the end, a video was shown to the students, where it was vividly seen how “funny pills” were ruining the lives of hundreds of people.



At the end of the event, TEF dean Suleimenov Tynys Bulekbaevich noted the importance and necessity of holding such meetings, because right now during the development of information technologies, students need to be aware of all spheres of life.