2nd-year undergraduates of KarTU passed a research internship at the transport and energy faculty

Graduate research and teaching areas of the transport faculty of the Department "Social-humanitarian disciplines" Karaganda technical University WanysAibek Irately and MukushevaGulnarArcosine in the period from 20 September 2019 at 04 October, 2019 in the amount of 36 hours passed research training in ENU. L. N. Gumileva, transport and energy faculty. The internship was held at the invitation and under the direct supervision of the head of the Department "Opdiet", doctor of technical Sciences, Professor M. I. Arpabekov.


The purpose of this internship was: to study modern methods of traffic management and operation of transport and their optimization; to study foreign experience in the organization of transport; to study methods of transport logistics.

The program of scientific training was very dense and rich. Undergraduates listened to lectures by leading professors of the Department T. N., Bekenov and Zh. M. Kuanyshbayev. A technical tour of the Department's laboratory was conducted.


Excursions around the city of Nursultan were also organized. Undergraduates studied the issues of transport technology and operation of transport, used in the further development of transport organization.

During the internship, undergraduates got acquainted with the projects and advanced technologies developed by scientists of the faculty.

Undergraduates 2 courses of the scientific-pedagogical direction of the Department of transport and road faculty of the Department "Social-humanitarian disciplines" Karaganda technical University I want to Express huge gratitude for the organization of this internship the Department of "OPDAT" in the face of Dean of the faculty T. B. Suleimenov, Prof. J. M. Kuanyshbaev and T. B. Bekenov.