Undergraduates of the Department of "OTTandOT" completed an internship at RTU

During his studies at Riga Technical University in the online format (Zoom platform), second-year undergraduates completed a research internship at Riga Technical University from November 29 to December 13, 2021.

They have attended a number of disciplines, such as Deep Learning algorithms application for video traffic, Riga public transportation and infrastructure company, Latvian Railway History Museum, Systems and use in defense logistics, High-speed telecommunication network architectures and working principles, Risk and Business continuity management, Logistics Process Mapping, Design of Fiber optical networks.

The first day was introductory, we were shown the rich nature of Latvia, told about the habits and traditions of local residents, as well as about the culture and national heritage of Latvia.

The course "Deep Learning algorithms application for video traffic" was taught to us by Mr. Grabs. In this discipline, we studied the use of video surveillance algorithms used for road safety and tracking.

Riga public transport ationand Infrastructure Company - a lecture on the study of public transport in the city of Riga, the system of using tickets, we were also told about the use of various innovative methods in this field. This lecture was held by a representative of the company whose activities are related to Riga public transport and its infrastructure. A lecture entitled "Latvian Railway History Museum" was held by an employee of the Historical Railway Museum of Latvia. We were told and shown mobile trains, which they were able to restore, their history of use, routes in the USSR.

The System sand use in defens elogistics course describes various systems and their use in defense logistics.Mr. Jakovlevs illustrated to us how one such system is formed, how to use, also told the advantages and disadvantages of each of the systems.

In the lecture "High-speed tele communication network architecture sand working principles," we learned from Mr. Salgas about the architecture, structure and content of high-speed telecommunications networks, as well as the principles of work.

The discipline "Risk and Business continuity management" was conducted by Mr. Kempelis. He explained in detail how to manage risk and business continuity, providing illustrative examples, describing the consequences of mismanagement.

Thanks to the lecture "Logistics Process Mapping," taught by Mr. Kempelis, we learned to create maps of My Map, Google Map, indicating the desired route, goods, calculating the length of the route, etc.

Mr. Salgals also gave us a lecture on "Design of Fiber optical networks." He explained to us the method of transmitting information, using electromagnetic radiation of the optical range as the carrier of the information signal, and fiber-optic cables as the guide systems.

At each lecture session, students were provided with a lot of visual information in the form of slideshows, videos, various tables and diagrams, as well as reading material that was tested in practical classes. In practical classes, each student worked individually, solving various tasks, if the undergraduate had a question, the teachers were always in touch.