Curator hour on the topic “Ethical behavior in a team”

“We spend three-quarters of our lives on our ability to behave,” said Matthew Arnold, a cultural analyst, poet, a brilliant representative of Victorian England. There is truth in his words. Indeed, all our lives, every day, every hour we learn. We learn to speak correctly, we learn to speak in public, we develop our skills, whether professional or hobby. In the end, we learn to behave among the people around us. Your proper behavior is a reflection of your upbringing. The development of this quality, namely “how to behave in society”, people spend a lot of money by going to trainings, lectures and master classes. But we ourselves are able to do this, teaching each other. That is why the group CIS-42 together with the curator of Jaksymbetova Makpal Adlikanovna held a curatorial hour on the topic “Ethics of behavior in a team”.

The purpose of this curatorial hour was to acquaint students with the rules of etiquette, expand their understanding of ethical behavior, give impetus to the development of ethical skills, promote the formation of good habits, the ability to work as a team. The presentation was shown, in which the concept of official etiquette was clearly and clearly explained, the behavior in the team, what could be done and how, or vice versa, was undesirable.

It was discussed how important it is to be polite and restrained, how to build honest and open relationships in a work collective. In order to strengthen all the theoretical knowledge gained, the students were divided into groups from this curatorial hour and carried out assignments, answering questions, performing situational tasks.

At the end of an hour, the head of the department of “Standardization and Certification”, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Baykhozhaeva Bakhytkul Uzakovna wished the graduates of the bright road to work conscientiously, to go to new frontiers, to solve more significant tasks, to meet the challenges of modern time.