On the eighteenth of October at Standardization and Certification department the round table devoted to the Message of the President of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev of October 5, 2018 took place. Action subject: "Kazakhstan and international quality standards".

 The invited professor, PhD, Siegfried Peter Ladnorg (Austria, Vienna), the dean of TEF Suleymenov T.B., the deputy dean of TEF Sultanov Timur, the faculty of department, students of undergraduate program took part in work of a round table.

With welcome speech the dean of transport and power faculty, the Dr.Sci.Tech., professor Suleymenov T.B. addressed attendees.

In the speech the dean in detail stopped on the key moments of the Message of the President to the people of Kazakhstan. In particular, he focused special attention to initiatives of the Head of state of improvement of life of Kazakhstan citizens, creation of conditions for prosperity of business, quality of education. "For this purpose at faculty a lot of work on equipment of educational and scientific laboratories, development of the academic mobility of PPS and students is carried out. I call each of you, undergraduates and students, to participate actively in processes of transformation of our country about what our President repeatedly noted", - Tynys Suleymenov told.

Specific objectives on performance of orders of the President found reflection in a speech of the dean: improvement of quality of research, teaching, employment of graduates, etc.

The manager of Standardization and Certification department Bakhytkul Baykhozhayeva drew the attention of participants of a round table to questions of quality and availability of education. "The message of the President is a program of concrete affairs which concerns each of us. Our main task - training of competitive experts. We actively work with employers, with foreign higher education institutions. In this semester we invited to department of foreign professor Siegfried Peter Ladnorg who is also international expert in questions of technical regulation and standardization, the managing director of JSC Weidinger&Partner.

In the performance professor Siegfried Ladnorg gave detailed comments according to the Message of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev to the people of Kazakhstan of October 5, 2018: "The first - it officials need to raise the salary for 40%, then there will be no corruption in the country and the quality of life of people will increase. The second - we have to revise the raw materials, develop technologies, invest investments into education and on business development. Besides Russian, the people of Kazakhstan have to know at least one foreign language. Kazakhstan has to pay attention to a services sector and improvement of quality of the life of people".

Much attention was paid by Siegfried Ladnorg to education: "Education has to begin with family. My long-term experience shows that only the science can increase quality of education. It is necessary to develop social competences, teachers have to impart the student social skills. Students have to study the newest technologies".

At the end of the performance professor wished to all attendees to aspire to quality education, and faculty and department – qualitative graduates".

Undergraduates of Standardization and Certification department made reports, concerning to introduction in Kazakhstan of the international quality standards of life. The versatility and complexity of a problem of quality of life of the population for its decision causes the necessity of application of standardization for orderliness of activity of people. For example, ISO 37120:2014 establishing key indicators of assessment of city services and quality of life. Application of this standard will allow representatives of the city administration, to politicians, researchers, heads of the private companies, designers, designers and other experts to concentrate the efforts on the major questions and to develop rules which will help the cities to become more convenient for life more tolerantly, is more profitable, is steadier against failures, economically more attractively and more richly.

The program of a round table was continued by a magistrantka 2 courses of specialty 6M073200-Standartization and certification of Zhaimanova Yryszhan  Tanatarkyzy with the report on a subject: "Risk – the focused approach at the organization of the state control as one of instruments of quality management and safety of production".

The seminar took place in a constructive and creative stop.