Director of the Institute for Advanced Training and Additional Education Ilyasova Asem Serikovna from January 27 to 29 in the online format held informational and consulting days for students of the 1st year of the Gumilev YEN. Over 3 days, more than 700 students from all faculties of the university visited the meeting. Among them, students of the 1st year of the department "Organization of transport, traffic and operation of transport" participated.

During the meetings, students were informed about the main activities of the Institute.

The main stream of questions concerned additional and non-formal education, advanced training courses in the online format.

The holding of online meetings with students of the 1st year is due to the conditions prevailing in connection with the epidemiological situation around the world. Nevertheless, the activities of the Institute aroused interest from both students and parents of students.

During and after the official online meetings, questions were received, as well as telephone calls regarding the opportunities of students in non-formal education, issues of recognition of the results of training.

A separate block discussed the preparation for IELTS and the study of foreign languages ​ ​ in an online format. Duration, cost, opportunities, discounts - these and many issues were raised in the framework of online meetings.

The trainees were interested in the issue of online testing for obtaining an EN certificate confirming the level of proficiency in English. This certificate is valid under the ENU Students Ambassador program and self-financing programs for submitting documents under the academic mobility program. In February, IPC and DOs will conduct online testing.