Forum "Accreditation provides a safe world" in ENU

Professional holiday - international accreditation day is established by the General Assembly of ILAC and IAF on June 9. 

It is an "international professional holiday" for employees who accredit testing laboratories in recognition of their technical competence in accordance with accepted standards for certification bodies. 

The Eurasian national University prepared for this day in advance. On may 14, 2018, the international accreditation day was held at the Eurasian national University as a forum with the theme "Accreditation ensures a safe world". 

The event was organized by the Eurasian national University. L. N. Gumilyov, national accreditation center, Committee of technical regulation and Metrology of MID RK.

The forum was opened by the first Vice-rector of the Eurasian national University Asemgul Moldazhanova. 

In particular, the first Vice-rector noted that since 2002 the University has been training personnel in the field of standardization and certification at the relevant Department of transport and energy faculty. 


A. Moldazhanova focused on the fact that in December 2017, the testing laboratory of the scientific and production center "ENU-Lab" was accredited, created within the framework of the State program of industrial and innovative development of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2015-2019.

And in March of this year, the opening of the most testing laboratory "research and production center "ENU-Lab"was held. Now all of its tests and results of the laboratory will be issued under the stamp of ILAC, that is, a global brand that sets high standards, which adhere to all laboratories. 


The first Vice-rector was announced the fact that the work on the conclusion of memorandums with leading construction companies and manufacturing enterprises of the country was intensified.

The General Director of the National accreditation center Maksut Omarkhanov at the opening of the event noted the importance of accreditation in ensuring occupational safety and health, food safety, road safety. 

Vice-Minister of agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan Gulmira Isaeva made a report on "ensuring the safety of agricultural products". 

The Chairman of the Public health Committee of the Ministry of health of the Republic of Kazakhstan Zhandarbek Bekshin explained the importance of monitoring the safety of products in the country. 

Deputy Chairman of the Committee of technical regulation and Metrology of the Ministry of investment and development of the Republic of Kazakhstan Shynar kazybayeva outlined the role and importance of accreditation in ensuring the safety and objectives of state bodies for the implementation of technical regulations. 


The guest of honor at the forum was the ex-Ambassador of the Slovak Republic in the Republic of Kazakhstan Dusan Podgorski with a report on "ensuring the safety of the food industry. European experience.»

In his report, he noted that in Europe, special attention is paid to the accreditation and certification in the food industry. Mr. pidhirski spoke about the current risk of outbreaks of various diseases and epidemics in Europe, spreading and transmitted through food of animal origin. 


As a result of the forum, a resolution was adopted in which the Committee for technical regulation and Metrology is recommended to study the international experience in ensuring the safety of industrial products.


On the same day, another significant event took place: for services in the field of standardization and certification was awarded an honorary diploma of the faculty of transport and energy, head of the Department, doctor of technical Sciences Bakhytgul Baykhozhaeva.

Representatives of the national accreditation centers were received by the rector of the Eurasian national University Erlan Sydykov. During the meeting, the possibilities of the closest cooperation were discussed.


Actual problems of personnel training in the field of Metrology require a thorough review of the attitude to obtaining this education, says specialist B. Baykhozhaeva, which at one time at one of the briefings of the Central communications Service noted that training of specialists is conducted mainly on the basis of classical Metrology. At that time, she blurted out the problem of acute shortage of metrologists-scientists, metrologists-practitioners. 

Metrology plays an important role in the economic and social development of the state. 


The famous scientist Dmitriy Ivanovich Mendeleev at the time noted: "Science starts with as long as the measurement starts. Exact science is inconceivable without measures".

One of the priority areas identified in accordance with the state development strategy is its economic growth, where the reference system represents the technical and technological component of "ensuring the unity of measurements, the level of development of which determines the level of development of our economy as a whole".