Excursion to the military historical museum with students of standardization and certification department

Students of groups SIS-11,12,13 with teachers of department "standardization and certification" Mamykova M.O., Arpabekova A.M., Akhmediova A.K. have visited the Military Historical museum of Armed forces of RK.

The excursion has been devoted to heroic and tragic pages of history of our Homeland. Students have got acquainted with the richest fund of the museum which number of exhibits makes more than 6000 exhibits, among which rare and especially valuable historical and cultural monuments, ammunition of the Kazakh soldiers from the stone age up to now.

There reflected different stages of formation of the northern state of Kazakhstan and its fighting army - successors of the heroic past of ancestors. The museum is divided into several halls: The hall of armed forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the hall of periodic exhibitions, the antiquity - XIX century hall, the hall of military history in XX century, the hall of weapon XX-XXI century, the hall of the fine arts, and also an atrium and history of military science of Kazakhstan. The main exhibits are collections of private collectors who have been transferred on a grant basis. There are also temporary exhibits collected from regions and areas. Students have seen with own eyes original samples of a military uniform of clothes, military awards and documents, weapon of last centuries and modern arms of the Kazakhstan army from guns, submachine guns and sniper rifles and ammunition.

The Hall antiquity has impressed our students . Here presented original works of the Kazakh armorers. It is a proof  that on our Earth was many skillful masters. Students was pleasant to  an excursion because here it is possible to touch history in literal sense, a lot of things also here are allowed not only to see, but also to touch and listen. All objects which are in the museum building, tell about military history RK, since ancient times and finishing with the present. Students was very pleasant to visit of the museum. The excursion in the museum promoted instilling in students of patriotic education.