The Decade "Kultegyn" at the Transport and Energy Faculty

May 15, 2018  at the transport and energy faculty within the framework of the Decade "Kultegyn", the program "Ruhany zhangyru", the anniversary of the capital were sports and intellectual competitions between students and faculty workers called "Big Races".

The purpose of the event is to strengthen communication between students and faculty members, to deepen students' knowledge of the history, the formation of the university and the capital of Kazakhstan, the formation of a healthy lifestyle, the spiritual and moral and civic-patriotic education of the younger generation.

With a welcoming speech, the dean of the faculty, Professor Suleimenov Tynys Bulekbaevich, spoke about the achievements of the faculty for the academic year, expressed his opinion about the relevance and importance of holding this event.


The guest of the event was Acting First Deputy Chairman of the Branch "Nur" of the party "Nur Otan" Nazarov Abdusaid Abdukadirovich, who noted the process of modernization is of a deep, national character and requires great efforts, first of all, for the youth of our country.


The participants of the game had to pass from the initial point of the "ZISI", making a circle, again to return to the starting point, and they were expected by various obstacles, which the students of the faculty, led by the deputy dean for work with students, Dzhaksymbetova Makpal Adlikanovna, invented in advance.

Exercise 1: Labyrinth

The labyrinth will be closed when the team approaches the point. First, the organizers explain the rules, and then open it and give the start to the participants. The labyrinth will be held by one person, who will be blindfolded. Another participant will send a "blind man". A whistle will be sent: one whistle - straight, two whistles - to the right, three whistles - to the left, four - back. The main requirement is that the remaining 3 participants should remain silent. For violation of the rule, 5 seconds are added to the passage.

Task number 2: «Unity»

A staircase will be built out of sticks and ropes. Participants will keep it and manage it. The team will be given a ball, which will need to be carried along the "ladder" so that it does not fall. When the ball falls to the ground, 5 seconds of time are added.


Task number 3: «Lets answer»

Participants had to answer questions. The organizers composed questions about our university and logical tasks.

Task number 4: "Catch balance"

The team will be given a board with a maze, which must pass the ball. Participants must bring this ball to the finish, controlling the board in the right direction. Do not push the ball with your hands and drop it to the ground. For violation of the rules, 5 seconds of time are added.



Task number 5: «Walker»

To pass this stage, the participants in full force (5 people) must stand on the boards and with the help of ropes move to the specified distance. The job is executed at speed. It is forbidden to touch the ground with your feet. In case of violation of the rule, 5 seconds will be added to the time of the task completion.


All participants were awarded memorable gifts and prizes. The guest of the event was also awarded the LN Gumilev encyclopedia.