Fighting corruption is everyone's responsibility

On February 25, 2020, a member of the city information and propaganda staff at the Department of anti-corruption service of Nur-Sultan, head of the project office of "Adep", candidate of law E. Nugumanov met with members of the Council of the faculty of transport and energy. The meeting was attended by members of the Council from the Department of Prof. Arpabekov M. I., prof. Kuanyshbayev Zh. M., associate Professor Sultanov T. T. and senior teachers Sansyzbayeva Z. K., Aitkhozhina A. S. and others. The meeting was opened by the Dean of the faculty of transport and energy, Professor T. Suleimenov introduced the Council members to the agenda and gave the floor to the head of the project office of "Adep", candidate of law E. Nugymanov.


According to media reports, at the initiative of the anti-Corruption Agency, as part of the "year of volunteers" announced by the President, every Saturday from 10:00 to 13:00, ANTIKOR ORTALYGY will host legal literacy and free legal assistance. The Honest help campaign was launched to provide.


Independent lawyers, lawyers and representatives of state bodies participate as consultants. Lawyers and managers of our project office voluntarily advise citizens, - the speaker noted.


One of the best examples of transparency in the work of public authorities is the interactive map of open budgets.


The goal of the project is to promote the principles of prudence and honesty, good deeds, heroism, as well as simple vital actions, such as helping people.


E. Nugumanov over the years of the adoption of the law" on fighting corruption", anti-corruption has been consistently implemented. In General, as a result of the comprehensive measures taken, there is a decrease in corruption manifestations.


In addition, he noted that the discipline of students at the faculty should be taken under special control, observe the labor discipline of the teaching staff, attend classes in a timely manner, clearly control the content and level of lectures, as the direct responsibility of heads of departments. He also said that there is a "helpline" on the University's website, and you can send an email to the project office of "Adep"on this issue.


In conclusion, E.Nugymanov told the heads of departments to hold a meeting of the Department to confirm that each teacher is familiar with anti-corruption documents and is ready for other challenges. According to him, responsibility for the content of the lesson should be strictly controlled and recorded in the Protocol and transferred to the office of the project "Ethics". The Dean of the faculty, Prof. T. B. Suleimenov, thanked E. Nugymanov on behalf of the members of the faculty Council.