Congratulations to Victoria Khisamutdinov, the student of the Department of Standardization and Certification with the victory in the contest "The Best Starosta Academic Group" ENU!

April 28. 2018 in the ENU them. L.N. Gumilev held a competition for the title "Best Starosta Academic Group". For the victory in the contest, 13 best senior pupils from all ENU faculties fought. Participants were tested on the mind, as well as on the ability to work in a team.



The competition consisted of three rounds. In the first round, the participants presented themselves, their group and their faculty, after which each participant had to model their behavior in this situation of the competition. In the last round, each participant showed his creative abilities.



Each of the participants was worthy of a separate award. For activity and the initial approach to competition, all elders received a letter of thanks from the rector and the best opinions of the jury.

A student of the second year of transport and energy faculty of the SaS-22 Victoria Victoria Khisamutdinova was named the "Best Head of the Academic Group" of the ENU.



The department "Standardization and Certification" expresses sincere congratulations to the student Victoria Khisamutdinova and wishes further successes !!!