Life of the Faculty

        A busy student life is one of the undeniable advantages of the Transport and Energy Department of the Eurasian National University. L.N. Gumilyov.

Our students receive not only knowledge and skills in selected specialties, but also have great opportunities for self-development and realizing their potential through participation in student programs and organizations. To ensure that every student has the opportunity to participate in the life of the university, based on his interests and abilities, ENU leadership fully supports and encourages the development of various student initiatives: from sports to entrepreneurial


Being a student also means being surrounded by those who are also insightful and determined as you are. It means to use every chance for self-development in academic activities, professional opportunities and outside educational cultural events.

Various organizations operate at the transport and energy faculty, such as the Youth Center of the Transport and Energy Faculty, the Charitable Organization, the Council of Elders, etc.

The key areas of our activity cover the most relevant and important aspects of youth policy: public and volunteer activities, development and development of leadership and organizational qualities, promotion of career search and growth, student self-government, student science, sports and healthy lifestyles, useful leisure. Six major and most ambitious annual projects for students are only part of the large-scale activities carried out by the transport and energy youth center.

Do you think that our actions can be of great help or even save someone's life? Some people say: "I want to help, but I do not know where to start." We offer some tips on where to start. Direct your help to where it needs. The main thing, act! Become a member of a charitable foundation. You will become part of an important business and the range of possibilities is unlimited! Remember that not always everything is decided by material wealth. Sometimes you can help by just listening to a person. Do not expect that everyone will say thank you, maybe this person does not know how to say it. Helping others is helping oneself. And we are glad that in our faculty there is such charitable organization "GEZELLIG".

In order to enhance patriotic education, healthy lifestyle, the President's Address to the people of Kazakhstan, the Bolashak Badar: Rukhani Zharyro, The Strategy of Kazakhstan-2050, etc., are constantly being discussed at curatorial hours and round tables of the faculty.

The students of the transport and energy faculty are a close-knit team that lives in the interests of the youth and conducts an active policy in all areas of the life of the capital's students.