international cooperation

Agreements and joint projects between universities are part of the cooperation program. The agreement aims to promote joint research and educational programs, programs to improve and develop training standards, as well as the exchange of information and exchange of staff, teachers, students and undergraduates of universities.


By specialty 6M090100-Organization of transportation, traffic and operation of transport is an agreement on a double diploma between ENU L.N. Gumilev and the Riga Technical University (Latvia). At present, the joint curriculum is signed by the Riga Technical University and the ENU  L.N. Gumilev.


By specialty 6M071300-Transport, transport machinery and technology is an agreement on a double diploma between ENU L.N. Gumilev and the Riga Technical University (Latvia).


In the specialty 6M073200-Standardization and Certification, the master's training program "Commodity and Expertise in Foreign Trade Activity", Moscow (Russia) and the joint curriculum is under development.


On specialty 5B071700 - "Heat power engineering" there is an agreement on a double diploma between ENU L.N. Gumilyov and the National Technical University of Ukraine "Kiev Polytechnic Institute named after Igor Sikorsky" (Ukraine) for 2016. The joint working curriculum is presented to the Department of Academic Affairs of the ENU  L.N. Gumilev.


At our faculty under the program of academic mobility, a third-year student of the Russian Economic University named after G.V. Plekhanov Darya Pushkareva (in the SC-32 group). The student managed to become the best student and activist in university life. I also left positive comments about the university.



In 2017-2018 academic year under the program of academic mobility in the framework of bilateral cooperation, the student of the SC -44 group, Dentayeva Assel won a grant for the contest "Academic Mobility of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan" to Lithuania at the University of Vytautas Magnus during the autumn semester.


Also in the current 2017-2018 academic year, students of the third year:


- Tulenov Baksultan, Nesipbai Inkar, Temirkhanzyzy Balnur, Amanbekova Arailym on the specialty "Organization of transport, traffic and operation of transport";


- Kapanov Aknyet specializing in heat power engineering;


- Rakhymzhan Zhanna, Kuanysheva Akerke, Asanova Maya, majoring in "Standardization, Certification and Metrology";


- Sailau Amіr, Kenesbek Inkara, Kunyrbaeva Zhansaya on a specialty "Transport, transport engineering and technology".


2nd year students in the specialty "Heat power engineering":


- Abenov Serik Azamatuly, Mendianov Kazbek, Darjan Erlan, Kokenaev Oral, Erbolatov Nurzhan are studying at the Riga Technical University (Riga, Latvia) during the spring semester.


Students of our faculty studying under the program of academic mobility in the Riga Technical Faculty (spring semester 2017-2018 academic year)


Master students of GPIIIR of the specialty "Heat power engineering" on an internship at the Riga Technical University


Foreign student of the specialty "Standardization and certification" of group B3-73200-01 Dorzha Kymbat


I came from China. For 3 years I have been studying at the Eurasian National University. L.N. Gumilev. Conditions for students here are very good, there are all conditions for obtaining knowledge, 3 years I live in the "House of Students". The university provides foreign students with places in the hostel. The university creates favorable conditions for obtaining a decent education: the scientific library functions. Foreign students take an active part in the social and cultural life of the university. With the participation of foreign students at the university, various events are held: meetings, round tables, olympiads, conferences and seminars.